Evidence-based Precision Medicine

Changing expectations for living a longer life filled with more memories.

A new approach for targeted intervention

Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are not one pathology or disease, but rather comprise many subgroups and sub-pathologies. Just like one drug cannot treat every cancer patient, one drug or treatment plan cannot treat every patient afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, or any neurodegenerative disease, for that matter.

CxPM Diagnostics – Aims

Provide a simple and rapid Alzheimer’s Disease screen that can be executed at the primary care level for patients to be quickly and accurately recommended for further diagnostic testing.

CxPM Therapeutics – Aims

Identify potential clinical trial participants for Alzheimer’s Disease-targeted drugs to increase approvals of new therapies.

Develop companion diagnostics (therapeutic matching) to provide physicians with guidance for drug prescribing.

Work with pharmaceutical companies to re-purpose existing drugs for more effective treatment, i.e. rescue failed clinical trials.

CxPM Beyond Alzheimer’s Disease

Leverage technology, propriety screens and tests to extend therapeutics to other neurodegenerative diseases.

Paradigm-changing technology & true application of personalized medicine.

Help CxPM Precision Medicine make great changes for those suffering from dementia

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