Evidence-based Precision Medicine

A New Approach for Targeted Intervention

Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are not one pathology or disease, but rather comprise many subgroups and sub-pathologies.

Just like one drug cannot treat every cancer patient, one drug or treatment plan cannot treat every patient afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, or any neurodegenerative disease, for that matter.

CxPM Paradigm-Changing Technology

Our technology combines proteomics and machine learning.  We measure a large number of proteins in blood and then use sophisticated algorithms, trained on thousands of samples, to drive the results of our tests.

CxPM’s NeuroFirst products include:

NeuroFirst Memory test:   Designed for patients over age 60 who are complaining of memory loss.  This test rules out Alzheimer’s dementia as the cause of the memory problems.

NeuroFirstPD test:  Designed for patients over age 50 who are complaining of tremors or other movement  disorders.  This test rules out Parkinson’s Disease as the cause of the movement disorder.

Cx Precision Medicine technology enables physicians at the primary care level to more accurately diagnose neurodegenerative disorders leading to earlier, targeted treatments for individual patients.

CxPM Therapeutic Matching Test

Blood-based biomarkers can predict whether certain drugs are likely to be effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. This information can provide physicians with guidance for drug prescribing and also identify potential clinical trial participants who would benefit from new therapies.