As the gatekeepers for our medical system, primary care providers need the ability to screen for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease quickly and efficiently, saving the patient time and money.

CxPM Precision Medicine is a life science company that is developing cutting-edge blood-protein screening technology as well as companion diagnostics for therapeutic agents, which will help physicians treat patients with the right medicines more quickly. In turn, patients will retain precious moments that could have been lost to the dark path of dementia.

Evidence-based Precision Medicine

CxPM Precision Medicine is focusing on Alzheimer’s Disease to develop a novel plan that can simplify the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. By taking the approach that Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia-causing disorders reflect many different pathologies, treatment can be targeted more precisely.

Expanded Vision

Eventually, CxPM technology can be expanded across other neurodegenerative diseases. There is no silver bullet, but using bio-markers and targeted treatment, patients will be treated with the right drugs at the right time.