NeuroFirst™ Memory

COMING in 2024

NeuroFirst™ Memory Test helps primary care physicians distinguish Alzheimer's-related memory issues from other non-AD causes

NeuroFirst™ Memory is a simple blood test that will determine that a person with memory concerns does not have Alzheimer’s Dementia, granting them and their family peace of mind, and sparing them costly and invasive forms of testing.

Our technology combines proteomics and machine learning.  We measure a large number of proteins in blood and then use sophisticated algorithms, trained on thousands of samples, to drive the results of our tests.

Not all memory problems are caused by Alzheimer’s Dementia.

NeuroFirst™ Memory helps to rule out Alzheimer’s Dementia and some other dementias.

Earlier detection of Alzheimer’s Dementia is important — when both drug therapies and lifestylechanges can help prolong cognition.

Alzheimer's Disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that destroys memory and thinking skills

Symptoms appear in patients in their mid-60s. Scientists believe that for most people, Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by a combination of genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Nearly 6 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. World-wide 44 million people have Alzheimer’s and dementia-related conditions. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. There is no cure.