NeuroFirst™ Parkinson's

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NeuroFirst™ Parkinson's tests help primary care physicians with the challenge of identifying patients who should be further evaluated for Parkinson's Disease

NeuroFirst™ Parkinson’s is a simple blood test that will determine that a person with neuromuscular concerns, such as motor/gait issues or tremors, does not have Parkinson’s Disease. Many motor disorders mimic Parkinson’s, but only a portion evolve into the disease.  NeuroFirst™ Parkinson’s can grant patients and their families peace of mind, sparing them costly and invasive forms of testing.

Our technology combines proteomics and machine learning.  We measure a large number of proteins in blood and then use sophisticated algorithms, trained on thousands of samples, to drive the results of our tests.

More than one million Americans are living with Parkinson’s Disease

Symptoms include shaking, stiffness, difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination which worsen over time. As the disease progresses, people also may have mental and behavioral changes, depression, and memory difficulties. Many people with Parkinson’s first develop the disease at about age 60. Some cases appear to be hereditary and a few can be genetic, and in most cases the disease occurs randomly. There is no cure.

More than one million Americans are living with the disease and about 60,000 people are diagnosed in the US annually. An estimated 7-10 million people worldwide have Parkinson’s disease.